Palamida Beach


Palamida Beach is a small bay on the island of Pag of pebble character. It is a little harder to reach, so if you are on your way, be prepared for a walk on macadam roads. Precisely because of its location, the beach is not popular, so you will almost always find peace and quiet here. Also, due to the lack of facilities and facilities, we recommend that you bring your own food, drinks and other things you need.

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Pag island

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There were no restaurants or pubs around the bush but the beach is beautiful with pebbles around the sidewalks. There were also fewer people when I visited which was also perfect due to less overcrowding.
Being and explorer, this place was ideal for me since it is not easy to reach and quiet. There were very few people here and there were no restaurants and cafes luckily for me i had carried my own food and drinks. The peace and quiet here is so therapeutic.
I visited the beach with my boyfriend and it is in a secluded place with no much overcrowding which was perfect for our privacy. The breeze was great as we cuddled
very good!!!
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