Luka Bay


Luka beach is located near Stari Rakalj. The main attraction of the beach is an old sunken boat that invites you to take a picture and explore it. Luka beach is relatively long, quiet and has natural shade for a break from the sun. The sea here is clean, relatively shallow and of superior purity. Be sure to bring food and drink and a diving mask to explore both the rich underwater world and the shipwreck!


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public beach



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52208, Rakalj


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I enjoyed exploring the old sunken boat on this beach that is just beautiful from the clean sea that is relatively shallow. It is best for people looking for some quiet time and it is not so crowded. I would advise you to pack your own food and refreshments, do not forget your divng mask.
Thanks to the position in the bay, the sea is mostly calm. The entrance of the sea is gentle making it a good choice for the kids. I noticed a row of palm trees dominating the beach thus providing a nice sea atmosphere.
The sea here was so pure and warm and shallow for the kids to also swim. The deep dive was a wonderful adventure for me as there was also a shipwreck beneath, the old sunken boat was an epic feature here that reminded me of the famous movie pirates of the carribean
very good!!!
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