Lovrechina Bay


Lovrechina Bay is located in the northern part of the island of Brach, between Postira and Puchishcha, known for its large sandy beach and valuable archaeological sites. In Lovrechina you can find the remains of the Basilica of St. Lawrence from the 5th and 6th centuries, and local holidays from surrounding places. they visit it on the feast of St. Lawrence, August 10. You can reach the bay by boat and car.

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21410, Postira


(14 reviews)
Relaxing sandy beaches that I loved with my family and it is kids friendly. We enjoyed the turquoise color of the sea and went swimming on the mid-afternoon hours.
Amazing sandy beaches at the bay and we enjoyed our time while swimming and the kids had an awesome time . Remarkable moments.
The significant archeological sites of the location with remains of iconic individuals present caught my eye about this location. I loved learning the history of the location.
The bay had so many fun activities mainly kayaking, the races were so fun to indulge, i suggest you visit, very nice place to cheer yourself up
It has such a nice small restaurant and bar that gives you a view of the sea and very less crowded, a big thumbs up
The bay had fine sands and the restaurants along the bay were fantabulous, my wife and i loved every moment and it was not so far from the hotel
We went for a boat cruise across the bay and the experience was unique. Cool breeze and unforgettable moments with the views
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