Jakirusa Beach


Jakirusa Beach is located in Brela. It has a pebble character with some stone parts and is very long - it stretches almost through the whole place. Some parts of the beach offer natural shade to relax from the heat of the summer sun. The entrance to the sea is mild, so Jakirusa is suitable for all ages. There are often a lot of people on this beach in the summer, so don’t expect too much privacy. In the immediate vicinity you will find entertainment facilities, restaurants and cafes where you can find refreshments and eat something delicious.

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I enjoyed the shade provided by the tall pine trees surrounding the beach allowing to avoid the intense heat from the sun as I drank my cold lemonade bought from the nearby shop. The restaurants also had some good tasting food and I loved their dessert
Visited there and the place was overcrowded but the beach is quite beautiful with unique and mild entrance with pebbles covering a good part of the beach providing enough surface for sunbathing.
We had an awesome experience here last summer. The beach is long and has pebbles with a lot of people. There were a lot of people here and the beach boys showed us around. There is a beautiful shade of the tall trees. It was fun.
very good!!!
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