Grpashchak Fortress


The purpose of this fortification from 1911 was exceptionally as a military reconnaissance navy of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Because its purpose was reconnaissance, it had no heavy weapons and was equipped with a telephone and light signals to communicate with other reconnaissance points and the coast. Today, Grpašćak is slowly turning into an information and education center, which along the way from the lookout at about 150 m above sea level provides one of the most beautiful views in Croatia.

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23281, Sali, Croatia


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very good!!!
My wife really loved visiting this place. From above, we had an amazing view of the land . I loved the tour around here as it was educative . All the equipments contained in the Fortress are well preserved and are exceptional. Each equipment has a specific use.
My history students had the privilege of seeing some military equipment used back in the days for communication with other points at the coast. At night, the town is well lit with orange lights which are well arranged. The coastal landscape and the cool sea breeze was so relaxing and refreshing. The hike to the top of the fortress was super fun as our tour guide fed us with information about the history of the Fortress. I recommend this place to history and culture lovers.
Located near the sea, the view is spectacular. This place was used to store military equipments in the 20th century. There are ancient military equipments on display. This place is quite historic. Touring this place was enlightening. The tour guides were hospitable. It was a great experience.
This fortress, was used for reconnaissance by the military in the early 20th century. I loved touring this place. The view from the top was magical, seeing the sea from high above was nice. I loved the ancient design of the fortress, security was considered during its construction. The military collection was impressive.
I loved the way it is an organised place and the road that led us to the fortress was clear and awesome. The fortress is wonderful and we toured around and had some amazing viewpoints of the cliffs and the amazing landscape. The tour guide was amazing and helpful and took us through the whole tour step-by-step through all the possible places that they were needed to be seen. The historical heritage of the place precedes it and has amazing place to visit.
We had a visit to the place and it genuinely showcased awesome views of the sea and landscape. We also toured the fortress and had the amazing time and learned and saw the military equipments which have been sitting there since mid 19th century to date. It is like a museum since it has several military equipments that i was perplexed on seeing them. It was a trip worthy to have and there are no regrets for visiting the Fortress.
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