Glavina Gornja


This settlement is a part of the town of Imotski north of the Red and Blue lakes. It is flanked by Gornji Prolozhac (west) and Gornji Vinjani (east).

The area’s stand-out features are a number of archaeological sites dated as early as 2500 BC. The archaeological site Vrdol has the eldest remains, dated from 2500 BC to 1000 BC and contains nine tumuli - burial mounds of earth and stones raised over a grave or graves. Remains of a Bronze Age fort have been found near the tumuli, suggesting both belonged to a larger fortified settlement.

The site Braćova glavica, dated 2300 BC to 1700 AD, is believed to have developed in two stages: the primitive tumuli contained in the first layer and the necropolis with tombstone crosses and rustic headstones with simple carvings that belong to the later stages of the location’s development.

The third site, Mala Gradina, is similarly layered. It contains the remains of a prehistoric fort dated to 2300 BC, surrounded with a fortification wall. Much like the Braćova glavica site, the second layer of the site consisted of late medieval stone crosses and simple headstones. Among them only a single grave with a cross and several unmarked graves survived into the modern day.

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