Church of St. Elisha


At the entrance to the town of Draguch, there is a church dedicated to the saint from the Old Testament, Saint Elisha. It is a Romanesque church built at the end of the 12th century made of bichrome stone blocks, which is not only special in Istria, but has expanded further. It was decorated by an unknown artist in the early 13th century. He painted in a quick and passionate way, scattering paint around the building. Dried drops are still visible on the frescoes. When he painted The Last Supper, he seems to have made a mistake because he put John in the opposite position, and apparently later changed his mind and added a profile. In this way, 800 years before Picasso, he made the first cubist painting. In front of the cemetery, the eternal remnant of generations, there is also a lapidary that testifies to past times. There is a tombstone of the priest from Draguche Giovanni Grozich who died in 1833.

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