Cardo Maximus Street


Being a Roman colony, the town of Poreč was built according to the standards of Roman urban planning: following an orthogonal layout with two main streets crossing each other at the center.

In this layout the streets connecting the east with the west side of a city are called decumanus, with the main one referred to as Decumanus Maximus, and those roads connecting the north to the south are named Cardo, with the central of them called Cardo Maximus. Today, the Cardo Maximus Street in Poreč links the north of the old Roman core to its south, leading from the Decumanus Street to the town’s ferry port.

Located at the heart of old Poreč it houses lovely little souvenir shops and bars, and makes for a wonderful sightseeing walk.

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Ulica Cardo Maximus


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