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Senjska beach is located in a small village Gornje Selo on the island of Solta in a small bay. The beach is made of beautiful fine white pebbles and sand, but there are also shady parts (which do not make it difficult to move or swim). The entrance to the sea is mild and accessible, and the seabed is also covered with small pebbles and gravel. The sea is warm, distinctly blue, shallow and pleasant. There are no additional facilities or shade on the beach (except the surrounding forest), so be sure that you are well protected from the sun and that you have taken everything you need for a carefree vacation. Also, don’t expect a lot of people and crowds here, but peace and quiet.

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I enjoyed going on a morning run at this beautiful beach during my vacation. Taking in the pleasant warmth of the deep blue sea and the cool morning breeze helped me relax my mind. It was a productive getaway and I will visit again soon.
The quality of the sea is topnotch .It has a warm blue sea which is so clean , The entrance to the sea is gentle and shallow . This beach is made of fine white sand , it has fine rocks that make swimming suitable.The location of this beach is convenient and easily accessible because the road leads directly to it. The beach offers recreational activities for children, you can also find refreshment in the beach bar.
Senjska beach is made of beautiful fine white pebbles and sand. The sea is turquoise blue and the water is warm. I expected the place to be crowded due to its magnificent features but rather it was peaceful and quiet.
very good!!!
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