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Prva Vala beach is located not far from Sumratin on the island of Brac in a small bay. The beach is made of small stones and some rocks that spring from the shore (the rocks are not sharp and do not make it difficult to move or swim). The entrance to the sea is shallow, gentle, and the seabed covered with small stones. On the beach you will find tall Mediterranean trees and natural shade. The beach is easily accessible by car, because the road leads directly to it (near the beach you can find parking). The quality of the sea is top notch, and the sea is clean, warm and blue. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring everything you need. If you still decide to find refreshment in one of the cafes or restaurants, the center of Sumratin is very close.

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I explored the unique landscape of the location ranging from the natural rocks at the beach and the tall Mediterranean trees that offered a natural shade. I also enjoyed relaxing on the beach while soaking in the sun.
This beach is made up of small stones and rocks springing on the shore that allow people to swim. It has a shallow gentle entrance to the sea with tal Merridean trees that offer shade from the summer sun.Swimming in this clean, earm and blue sea was exciting for me and refreshing. You need to carry anything you need for your visit because there are no additional facilities on the beach. Refreshments are available in the center of Sumratin nearby.
If you love hiking then this is the place to be since it is a dry island. My friends and i enjoyed the steepy rocks and loved the visit at the olive oil haven on Brach.
very good!!!
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