Shoderica Lake


Lake Shoderica is about 400-500 meters from the Drava shore. It is located on the first Drava terrace and has a layer of gravel about 15 meters thick. It is an artificial lake. In parallel with the emergence of the artificial lake, from the 1920s, and especially from the 1960s, the tourist activity began to expand, which is stagnating today. It is most significant in the oldest northern part of the lake, and on approximately 1500 meters of the northern shore of the lake there is a more or less arranged beach.

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Shoderica Lake
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Shoderica Lake is fantastic, walking along the Drava terrace are a number of colourful and beautiful flowers that amplify the beauty of the place.As a person that conserves environment, i was happy to see how the place is kept clean and has the litter bins almost every corner of the place.It was very encouraging.
The fact that the lake was artificial fascinated me, it was well protected by the surrounding nature. There were several aquatic life that made the lake even more lively. It was very serene and peaceful.
very good!!!
The check in was very welcoming and had able tour guides. I loved the fact that security of the visitors was made top priority and was provided by security agents from security agencies. The safest place to be.
I longed for a lone vacation and that was why I came to this quiet place. The peaceful serene environment at my hotel near the lake was just what I needed. I enjoyed the sunsets from the comfort of my beautiful balcony. The hotel attendants were friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my stay.
The Lake has a clear dazzling waters that are interesting and we enjoyed ourselves as we ent for a boat cruise on the lake. Amazing nature that surrounds the lake with scenic views and wonderful landscape that captured our sight.
Shoderica lake has great deep shades for sheltering people from the scorching sun. I loved everything about the lake.