Mali bay and the village of Prozhurska Luka (also called Prozhurski Porat) is located on the north coast of the island of Mljet. The bay is located right next to the hill from the village / hamlet of Prozhura. Local sailors and fishermen from the village use this bay as a marina and anchorage. and a secluded location, the bay is also a popular place to stop sailing boats on the way to Dubrovnik.A small pebble beach in the bay is popular place for families. Several local taverns overlooking the bay are located just a few steps from the sea.

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My kids loved walking barefoot on the pebble beach. We on the other hand for sailing, and the boat riding experience is an unforgettable one. The taverns overlooking the sea offered with delicious foods and drinks at an affordable price.
We visited this village for a family time out of the ordinary. We had a wonderful time basking and spending quality time on the pebble beach. We visited the nearby taverns for our meals and we had a great time as we envisioned.
The beach at the bay is clean and fantastic. We enjoyed sunbathing and swimming on the turquoise waters of the sea. we loved the many activities that the bay offered and had a lot of fun on our time at the bay.
This bay is beautiful. Its blue waters are lovely. Its beach is somehow secluded. One could enjoy his or her own privacy. I loved its pebble beach. Swimming in its waters was therapeutic. I enjoyed my boat riding experience.
The taverns at the bay of this place serve all types of local foods. I loved eating here and later went swimming at the small pebble bay. I felt refreshed when it was time to go back home.
very good!!!