Prizhba is a small tourist resort that has developed on the south coast of the island of Korchula. The nearest coastal settlements are Gršćica (2 km), Brna (4 km) and Smokvica (8 km). Prizhba overlooks the Lastovo canal, the archipelago of the island of Lastovo and views of the open sea. There is a small port in Prizhba that is well protected from north, south and east winds, but is open to west winds. In front of Prizhba is an archipelago of small islands, which is the perfect place for those seeking peace and untouched nature. There you can swim, snorkel and dive in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and immerse yourself in this unique natural environment that invites each of us into the past, but still deep within us. Here you can be one with nature again, away from the stress and rush of modern life.

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Our tour to Prizba was wonderful. We visited the speciality museums which kept useful materials of learning. A practical arena.
What was interesting about Prizba was the multi-day tours and private tours. Our tour guides were honest and helpful. I appreciate them.
It was nice engaging in Kayaking, bike tours and canoeing in Prizba. I liked how organized the staff of this place were. Superb.
The diving center is what I was interested in Prizba. It was a moment of reincarnation of new memories. Outstanding.
I liked the affordable boats for rent. We booked one with my wife and navigated along the shores of the sea. It was a thrilling experience in Prizba
I enjoyed the local beer of Prizba in the winery we were guided. It was amazing drinking the native beer. I must return once more.
very good!!!