Polache is located on the northern coast of the island of Mljet at the end of a deep bay protected by islets. As Polache is located next to one of the main entrances to the Mljet National Park, it receives a considerable amount of visitors in summer, especially when there is a daily catamaran connecting Polache with Dubrovnik. Yet in the peek of the season, Polache retains its sign of a traditional Mediterranean fishing village.The coastal islands - Tajnik, Moracnik, Ovrar and Kobrava - make the view of the bay the most beautiful.
Polache also has an ancient history. You can see the ruins of a palace that was probably built in the 5th century. The ground plan of the ground floor was rectangular in shape with two prominent towers facing the sea. Along the highest wall of the palace are the village houses and the remains of a late early Christian church.

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The odysseus cave in Polache is what I loved a lot. It was the best place I took snaps. A great place.
Visiting the national park in Polache was ovewhelming experience. My friends and I loved the nature and the different kinds of animals.
The best winery spot is where I ordered my favorite beer. The local wines were many. I bought multiples and took home.
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My brother enjoyed navigating on the tour boat in Polache. There were many boats to rent. A prolific place visit.
The beach in Polache is outstanding. The waters flow slowly depending on the level of tides. My father and I loved the beach. Fantastic.
very good!!!