Podshpilje is the name for a group of villages located in the southwestern part of the island of Vis, at the foot of the highest peak of the island, Hum. The entire Podshpilje is small in size and insignificant in terms of population, but rich in cultural and historical heritage. The place exudes history, soothes the soul with its greenery of many vineyards, and old stone houses give a special note to this picturesque area.

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If you are looking to have a nice time you can visit this town. It's a nice spot to relax away from the bustles of the big city. The little shops have some interesting souvenirs on sale. I bought beautiful ones at good prices.
My buddies urged me to join them on a trip to this town and I never regretted it. It's such an attractive town. We had a ball as we went cycling admiring its lovely streets and stunning landscape. I shall be back.
There are lots of wonderful memories that I have of this town. But the most memorable were the lovely walks in its nature trails. The scenes were very magical and the weather great. It's an awesome town.
Podshpilje is a natures enthusiast heaven. I and my friends loved every bit of this town. The lush surroundings were joyful to look at. The fresh air was very nice. I cant wait to visit another time.
There are very nice places to take walks. You can always feel the calm in this town as you take walks. Magnificent old houses are a sight to behold. It was very calming.
I always come to podshpilje during my vacation. Its lovely vineyards boast of some of the most sensational wineries. It's always delightful to taste wine in the gentle surroundings.
My family visited this town and loved the quietness and stillness. it was like stepping back in time. its hotels were spotlessly clean and had open spaces that our kids enjoyed flying kites in. It was very fancy.