Nevidjane is located on the island of Pashman. The place has a long sandy beach, next to it grow tamaris beautiful deciduous shrubs, and from there you can see the Pashman Channel and the island of Shkoljich where the lighthouse is located. Nevidjane is a place where you can enjoy long walks, cycling, walking, recreation and socializing in nature and preserved landscape. The protected old stone core of Nevidjane is a witness to ancient times when houses were built exclusively of stone, and each of them tells a special story about architecture and the way of life at that time. If you are coming by sea, you can look for a berth in a safe sheltered harbor. The autochthonous gastronomic offer of local products and dishes will be a pleasure for all your senses. Nevidjane is an ideal place for relaxation and recreation, and the combination of sea and greenery guarantees complete forgetfulness of a stressful lifestyle. The place can be reached by ferry from the port of Zadar, which transports both passengers and cars.

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