Nerezhishcha is located at the intersection of the main island roads and on the slopes of the largest Brach plain. The beautiful church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is surrounded by symmetrical blocks of noble palaces built in stone and richly decorated. Small plebeian stone houses, narrow streets and small squares add charm and ambience to this Dalmatian village. The people of Nerezhishcha are organizing the Memorial "Frane Senjković" - a balloon on their hands as part of the festival in honor of St. Margaret - the patron saint of Nerezhishcha. This is a unique and centuries-old game that was once played on the Mediterranean islands. This authentic place is definitely worth seeing.

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I joined the locals for the festival in honor of St Margaret the patron of Nerezhishcha and the locals were cordial and friendly to me. I also visited the beautiful church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, i loved the stone and decorations on them. It served as a good backdrop for photoshoots.
Beautiful place with awesome landscape that is catchy and has the best views to showcase. A place worth visiting as we enjoyed ourselves as we visited several sites and nice churches with great architectural structures as well as houses too. Grateful for the awesome things at the place.
My husband and i toured this city and we had a remarkable experience. On the day of our tour, we got a chance to visit various wineries and vineyards where we engaged in wine tasting. We took some bottles for the road at an pocket friendly prices.
This town is really small and beautiful. I loved touring this town and seeing the pebble houses. Its ancient architectural design was really mesmerizing. I had a divine experience visiting The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It had a quiet, peaceful and serene environment.
We visited this place and loved the historical sites we saw. We took pictures of the wonderful places. The people here are very friendly and the environment very clean and welcoming. I really loved the restaurants that are here and the sitting parks as well
My girlfriend and I visited this town and we had a restful trip. There were a lot of monuments, quarries, and historical sites to visit as we strolled. We took some amazing pictures.
My friends and I enjoyed visiting this lovely town. We had an electrifying time as we went wine tasting in the serene vineyards and wineries. The locals are very generous and we bought bottles at good prices. It was a lot of fun.