Lake Krushchica


The artificial accumulation lake, created in 1966, is located in Lichko polje. The dam is 80 meters high, at the foot of which the sunken village and the church of St. Elijah. Due to the construction of the hydroelectric power plant, the population of the village of Krushchica was evicted, and the altar of the church of St. Ilije was moved to Aleksinica, where he is today. A common grave was also built, and a monument to more than three hundred dead is located near the lake near Vaganac.

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very good!!!
I loved watching the sunset rays dazzle on the waters and change the colour of the water. Near the lake, there was a grave that i learnt from our guide that it was a common grave, and a monument to more than three hundred dead. It was an educative tour at this artificial lake.
This is a man - made lake.Its landscape is a bit different. There is a dam which was built due to the production of Hydroelectric power plant. The vast water was wonderful. It is a really nice to just chill and cool off
Beautiful scenery at the Lake with amazing features that fascinates. We enjoyed the view of the landscape and the dazzling waters of the lake. We also went canoeing on the lake and the activity was awesome.
I always visit this place with my friends. this lake is so amazing especially the fact that it accumulated artificially. It also has a cool hydroelectric power plant.