Komizha on the island of Vis retains the taste of a Mediterranean fishing village, although it is becoming increasingly popular as a beach resort and a place to move to the Blue Cave. A pile of pleasantly unruly houses from the 17th and 18th centuries piled up around the harbor and the bay at the foot of Hum Hill. Tourists are attracted by the beautiful beaches and narrow roads and houses crammed around the harbor. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, staying in Komizha is pleasant even in the winter months. Along the entire eastern coast of Komizha Bay there are pebble beaches with sources of drinking water: Gusarica, Nova poshta, Velo zalo.

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very good!!!
We toured the pebble beaches with sources of drinking water such as Gusarica and it was a wonderful first time experience. During the evening, i loved walking along the narrow roads that are well lit and secure, as i listened to music through my headphones. During the day, i engaged in fishing activities with my peers and it was superfun.
We had a pleasant stay in komizha. We visited the resorts where we had the most mouthwatering dishes. At some point, we want fishing and strolled down the narrow beaches.
The harbor has a beautiful houses and a great history that represents the place. We loved the beaches on the harbour and enjoyed boat rides inwards to the sea. It was thrilling seeing the sparkling sea and the beautiful landscape.
Located on the Island of Vis, this village is a fishing village. It offers a perfect view of the sea. It has a pebble beach. I toured this Island and I loved how small and organised it was. I enjoyed seeing it wonderful architectural buildings. Cycling around this town was epic
Visiting this place calmed me down. I took long walks in the vegetation which helped me to unwind. I felt relaxed and happy when I went back home.