Govedjari is a hilly village on the island of Mljet with less than two hundred permanent residents. The village dates back to the beginning of the 18th century when the first people began to settle in that place, building their houses and shelters.

The village of Govedjari is located in the interior of the island of Mljet, just above Big Lake, 5 kilometers from the sea. It is part of the Mljet National Park. Because of their location in the fertile area, Govedjari is traditionally known for its agriculture, although today people are happy to rent rooms and offer some b & b services.

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My husband and i wanted a romantic getaway and this hilly village was our best choice for a staycation. We toured the rich agricultural area and bought some produce at a cheap cost. we had a relaxing time.
The hotels and places of accommodation were awesome. We loved the reception at the place and they offered great services that were top notch. The quality of structure and facilities was awesome and comfortable for us. We enjoyed our stay at the place.
This village dates back in the 18th century. Its population is so small. This town is surrounded by dense vegetation. The buildings were so beautiful. They were ancient but in perfect condition. I enjoyed touring this place.
We travelled here for a business trip to learn about agriculture, i loved how the locals explained everything to us. The location of this village is what struck me, the interior of Island Mjlet, which is an oasis of peace and tranquility. It was a wonderful experience being in a hilly village.
I loved the rooms and the staff were friendly. I enjoyed sightseeing from the rooftop. The view of the surrounding area was breathing.
We rented a room during our stay here, the rooms were neat, clean and well kept. Air conditioners were fit everywhere in the rooms and they were lit. The staff were friendly to us .
The numerous stone houses, Roman Mausoleums and statues made of Brac stone depict the good works of architects during the centuries where old tradition of stone processing was in plenty. The baroque bell tower of local Church of St Fabian and Sebastian are an eye catcher. The numerous stone sculptures are a must see too.