The people of Djurdjevac are widely known for the unique Picokijada, an intangible cultural property of the Republic of Croatia which is under protection of the Ministry of Culture. The main event of this Djurdjevac cultural and historical story is the Legend of Picoki, a stage depiction of the Ottoman attack on the Old Town and its defense. The people of Djurdjevac base the legend on historical facts which show that back in 1552 the powerful Ulama-beg besieged the Djurdjevac fortress for a long time. In the Old Town, a cultural monument of the 1st category, there is a museum-gallery space with a valuable legacy of works of art by Ivan Lackovich Croata. Djurdjevachki pijesak, also known as Croatian Sahara, is a protected geographical and botanical reserve with a large number of endemic plant species, diverse fauna and attractive sand dunes.

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very good!!!
Djurdevac is a town that satisfies the whole family. We visited here with my kids and they could not get enough of the lush surroundings, especially in the parks. They always stayed outdoors and it was a relief to see them not interested in screens.
There are plenty of fun activities in this town's nightlife. There are some upbeat pubs that sell nice cocktails and cheap beers. The meals are very delicious, especially the baked meat, vegetables, and fries. I highly recommend it.
My buddies and I had a great time in this town. Visiting the art galleries was what I loved the most. The valuable art pieces and adorable paintings took my breath away. I bought some replicas at good prices.
I have been visiting this town for the last 3 years. I mostly spend time in the family-owned libraries with some rare books found here only. It's always relaxing to enjoy a classical book in the old-fashioned libraries. I look forward to my next visit.
We came with my family for our summer vacation and it still remains one of our best trips. We particularly loved the hotels we stayed in which had hot tubs,saunas, board games, and indoor pools. By the end of our stay, we were really refreshed.
It was a very fascinating trip when I visited this town. I was left in awe when I visited the majestic cathedrals. Their unique towers and huge domes left quite an impression on me. It was worth the trip.