The small island of Visovac on the Krka River was inhabited by Franciscan monks in 1445, who first built a monastery (later demolished and then rebuilt in the 18th century) and a church in 1576. The monastery contains a number of well-preserved artifacts and a library.
The island of Visovac is one of the most important natural and cultural values ​​of the Republic of Croatia. Throughout its turbulent history it has been and remains an island of peace and prayer and a Franciscan monastery a fortress of spirituality and faith. Because of the centuries-old veneration of the Mother of God, it is called Our Lady's Island. Visovac has always attracted pilgrims, who still make organized pilgrimages today using the excursion boats of the Krka National Park. To visit Visovac, boat trips are organized from Skradinski Buk, Stinica and Remetich. The visit to Visovac includes a half-hour tour of the island, the Franciscan monastery, the church and the museum.

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very good!!!
I loved the peaceful ambience here. It served as the best place to revive my spirituality. The library offered a good study environment to my students during our 3 day visit here.
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