The old town of Ozalj


The medieval town built in the 13th century has been extended over time and changed for the needs of defense and further fortification, mostly in the service of the Zrinski family until the peril of Count Petar Zrinski when the city was looted. Today, the castle is open to the public and houses a museum, which as a permanent lining represents the so-called Ozalj circle of artists who worked in the area.

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Ul. Zrinskih i Frankopana 20, 47280, Ozalj


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The Old town has a castle built on a cliff of a river. I loved the castle because it has a library where i could study without disturbances. The town is rich in history, i learnt of the noble families that inhabited this place and how they conducted their daily activities.I enjoyed walking through the town during the evening because it is well lit and very peaceful. Recommend this town to history lovers.
The streets of the town are fantastic and i enjoyed a walk in the evening. I loved cycling around the town and get the experience of the town and the beautiful people who are hospitable and quite friendly. The landscape is wonderful with forested hill, beautiful buildings and a museum that tells about the history of the town and the amazing things that sit on the wonderful town.
The town was well lit in the night. I enjoyed walking during the evening, the food was well prepared and it is very peaceful.
very good!!!
The town is very calm and is located outside out of town, there is museum inside where i visited and took some wonderful photos, a cafe and restaurant s well, the building structures were also beautiful
Built on the cliff of a river, the castle has a library where I was able to read various historical journals and a museum whose collection dates from the Middle Age period.
The exterior of this castle is eye catching and it can be spotted from a distance because of its architectural design. It serves as a museum and its in perfect condition. It has a wide historical collection of guns, Religious items and cultural artefacts. The landscape was relaxing. This castle is in good condition despite it being quite ancient
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