The island of Mrdulja


For all those who want freedom, the smell of untouched nature, clean waters and solitude, there is the island of Mrduja, which can be reached by boat from Milna, and here you can enjoy the benefits of nature, clear sea, diving and discovering the rich seabed and endless walks.

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Took some few walks in the mornings and the evenings as i enjoyed seeing the sunrise and sunset as it was showing. Great views of the sun and the reflection of the sea was therapeutic. Had some few pictures and i enjoyed the best of the island.
Rich nature of the island and the peace and quiet made it a great place for my summer destination. Had a lot of space for relaxing and it was therapeutic. The shade at the beach was among the interesting things and the atmosphere was quite the best.
I loved when we went sea diving with my friends and it was fun activity. Great place with awesome views and wonderful island that we enjoyed diving and swimming at the sea.
very good!!!
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