Strozanac Beach


Strozanac Beach is a beautiful pebble beach in Podstrana. The sea here is clean and comfortable for swimming. There is no natural shade on the beach, so you need to bring your own sun protection or rent it. Parasols and sun loungers can be rented. Dressing rooms and showers are available to visitors. Along the beach, there are many cafes and restaurants, which offer a variety of food and drinks.

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public beach



Place Location

Jurasova ul. 15, 21312, Podstrana


(12 reviews)
The natural shade from the trees made it perfect for us to set up our picnic. As a couple watching the evening sun set and its rays on the water surface was amazing. It was so romantic.
I am a private person and this beach gave that to me especially because of the availability of the dressing rooms and also showers. I also loved the number of businesses established around the beach more so the bikini business. I loved it.
Sun Loungers and parasols are available for rent that we used as shed when we were on our vacation as well as changing rooms and showers were available for use. We enjoyed the views of the dazzling sea and visited the restaurants and cafes that offered delicious dishes. The moments at the pebble beach were unforgettable and we went swimming too.
After enjoying the rich cultural heritage of the small picturesque place, we cooled off at the beautiful pebble beach. The sea is very clean and suitable for swimming. Some good drinks at the bar along the beach is worth it.
The sea is clean and very comfortable to swim in. I forgot to carry my parasol but luckily i was able to rent it at a fee. There is no natural shade though there are trees far off the beach which still give for an amazing view. There are various foods and drinks you can try out, thanks to the several restaurants along the pebble beach.
very good!!!
My kids loved walking on the sandy pebbles.They also played in the sand something that thrilled me. Suitable for young families and kids
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