Sovlje Bay


Sovlje Bay is located in Luka on Dugi otok. On all sides the bay is protected by a large forest where you can find natural shade for a break from the sun. The beach itself is beautiful, made of fine white pebbles with a gentle entrance to the sea. The seabed is covered with small stones and is very warm and clean. The beach is a bit more secluded, so you can reach it by car, and walk part of the woods. There is no crowd here, in fact it is possible that you will be completely alone. Since there are no additional facilities or facilities, be sure to bring everything you need to spend a great day at the beach. Also, due to the clarity of the sea and solitude, we suggest that you try diving and explore the beauties of the rich underwater world.

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Dugi Island

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It is an ideal place for anyone looking to have some privacey and alone time, this fine pebble beach is beautiful and secluded even accessing it is a wonderful experience according to me. It never gets crowded and is a nice escape for anyone to relax from their busy life. Carry all that you might need to spend time here and diving mask, because this is a nice place to dive and explore the underwater beauties in this place.
I visited Luka on Dugi Otok and was recommended to visit Sovlje bay to my arrival, this place is just amazing word can not be enough to explain the beauty served by this beach. I would recommend it to any one who visits Luka on Dugi otok.
The nature in this location is breathtaking. I loved touring the dense forest that surrounded the beach, and exploring the different vegetation. also, I loved spending quality time with my husband taking in the beautiful ocean while relaxing in the coll beaches.
very good!!!
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