Senton's Wasserfall Trail


The path of the Labin goddess Sentona, the patron saint of travelers, will take you from medieval Labin to the beautiful sea coast in Rabac.

The old town of Labin exudes the spirit of antiquity and mysticism and invites you to discover its charms and beauty. Visit the National Museum, the Matija Vlachich Ilirik Memorial Collection and the studios of Labin artists. Enjoy the magical view from Fortica to Rabac, the island of Cres and Uchka (the highest Istrian mountain - 1,396 m).

Go down the Alley of the Greats through the pine forest (Pineta) to the point where the path near the office of the Tourist Board of the City of Labin leads to Rabac.

With the fresh scent of laurel and coastal pine, Sentona will reveal the most beautiful protected natural landscape of the Labin region.

The trail is 3.7 km long and can be crossed in about an hour and a half.

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