This long, beautifully landscaped beach is a real symbol of Novigrad. Rivarela is a beach for everyone, from families to couples, and is perfect for all-day fun and socializing, both in the sun and in the shade. The beach is fully paved and is located along a beautiful promenade that takes you from the Hotel Aminess Maestral all the way to the city center. Access to the sea on this beach is provided by appropriate entrances and handrails, and the experience is rounded off by a diverse selection of restaurants and bars.

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We walked during the evening along the pavements towards the beautifully made promenade. The handrails in the beach helped us access the sea easily. The whole vibe of the beach was rounded by a diverse selection of restaurants and bars
Rivarela is as beautiful as the name. One can come with family or a spouse and enjoy the beauty of this amazing beach with a natural shade from the trees growing on one side of the beach. There are bars and restaurants here and the experience is just top notch.
The family had planned for long to have the visit to the sea and it was exactly how we pictured it. Amazing views and the activities available are fun as we interacted with the people and others around. The shade offered the best relaxing feeling as we also had meals and drinks at the various restaurants and bars all over.
This is where i spent my honeymoon and it did not disappoint. We usually came here for a swim then later on go the city center using the beautiful promenade. Access to the sea on this fully paved beach is provided by appropriate entrances and handrails.
The beach is located on the landscape giving spectacular views of the surrounding. It was a beach that had everything for us as a family to enjoy and remember it for. It was perfect for all day fun in both the sun and shade.
very good!!!
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