Peter Hektorovic Fortress


Tvrdalj Castle, which was the summer residence of the 16th century poet Petar Hektorovich, is a fascinating combination of intimate residence and castle, wrapped in a beautiful Renaissance building. The space was to serve as a peaceful place for all beings. Tvrdalj Castle was once the poet's summer residence from the 16th century by Petar Hektorovich, who would stay in his palace in the warmer months and enjoy the cold breeze from the sea.As an artist he found inspiration around the Old Town, and his poetry about fishermen and the local country made him legendary.

Although art was his passion, the focus shifted to the war when the island of Hvar was attacked by the Ottoman Turks. He decided to fortify his house and turn it into a castle so that the locals could use it as a shelter.

When you visit it today, you will find an interesting combination of these two elements, wrapped in a beautiful renaissance building.

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very good!!!
Fascinating place to travel to with amazing weather conditions that is conducive. Beautiful fortress that has an awesome history that is catchy. The fish pool outside is not only attractive but also it is an inspiration to the artists and painters that have used it in several occasions. The fort has some beautiful architectural buildings which look appealing to the human eye and has a great captivating view. the fortress is also interesting a walk around would lead to some interesting places to see and enjoy.
Worth a visit to the place with rich history and dazzling architecture. We loved the fish pools at the place and the inspirational place to poets and artists
Serene environment for the a quiet stay and we loved spending time at the fortress. The building was beautiful and the castle was great for a peaceful stay. The style of the building was unique and we could not get out of the place without taking some fantastic pictures for the memories and posting on our socials.
This fortress is a must visit. I loved its ancient architectural structure and design. It is a magnificent fortress. Walking through it was quite lovely. I enjoyed sitting by the pond and feeding the fish as I watched them swim. This fortress is a historical monument in this region and is still in perfect condition.
I loved the architectural buildings that are on top of the water. The fish spots and fish ponds offered a great a spot for us to chill as we enjoyed the glimpse of different fish species. Inside of the castle was so cool, i would visit the castle during the evening to calm down my mind. Reading aloud the poems about the fishermen and the local country were heartwarming. Ideal for poets and poetry lovers.
The Fortress is a combination of the castle and twin residence. What i loved most about the building is how its built making it easy to track an enemy. Our tour here was very informative, we learn of the great history of the castle of why it was built and how it was turned into a castle. While inside, there is a cool breeze from the sea which is so relaxing. Will definitely come back .
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