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Pag has the most developed salt production industry. Solana Pag was thus the first in Croatia to receive the mark of origin, since the sea from Pag Bay is much cleaner than the average of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. There is a long history of salt production on the island of Pag and that is why this island is the first synonym for this important spice. In all this, a great role is played by nature itself, whose conditions are almost ideal for this industry. Since the sea of ​​Pag Bay does not contain large amounts of heavy metals, primarily due to various shellfish and organisms that have settled there, the quality of salt produced on the island of Pag is known throughout the world.

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Pag island

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very good!!!
This place is absolutely stunning. After the crystallized salt is left behind during evaporation, it beautifies the place
I enjoyed watching how the salt is processed and prepared for human consumption. I learnt soo much.
We toured the place and had the chance to hear the history of salt processing and production as well as a tour around the place and it was magical.
The vast fields of the salt harvesting was mind blowing, i got to learn something about salt mining and packaging, the salt comes from the ocean and so much more,
This place had an amazing view. I had therapeutic moment just walking around it.
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