Memorial home of Dragutin Tadijanovic


The well-known Croatian writer Dragutin Tadijanović left his entire legacy to the city of Slavonski Brod by contract. After that, the least that the city could open for him was this beautiful memorial-museum-educational center that testifies to the personality and life of one of the greatest Croatian poets of all time. The most interesting are precisely the valuable objects from the poet's private life.

Thus, among the rarities you can see, for example, Tadija's table in the living room, which was designed just for him by the greatest Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. There are also several thousand photos that are a diary of his life, and just about every one of them has a date, a place, and the people who are on it.

This so-called memorial home is both a treasury and a real treasure that once again reminds us that Tadija, in addition to being a great poet, was also a collector and an interesting person unique in Croatian literature and history.

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