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One of the most suitable beaches in Umag for families with children is located in the nearby Punta Resort. This sandy beach is only 1.5 km away from the main center of Umag. The shallow sea and easy access to the water make it great for children and the elderly. Since the beach is quite popular, we recommend an early morning arrival. You can find a break from the sun in the shade of pine trees near the beach. Also, here your little ones can enjoy a playground with slides and swings, a beach volleyball court, and a restaurant where you can find refreshments nearby.

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My wife, my two children and I visited the beach during the fall of last year. The experience remain memorable not only by myself but also my children. The beach has small pebbles that they played with all the time. My son indeed developed a new hobby of rock collecting due to the visit of this beach. The public amenities are available. There are cafes nearby where you can have lunch at any time.
My extended family planned to have like a simple reunion at this beach.We arrived there quite early in the morning to beat the crowd and secured a good spot under the beautiful pine trees. We were able to play volleyball and enjoy the cool breeze there and later went to a nearby restaurant for some refreshments and some good food. The place is quite fulfilling.
I visited the beach early in the morning and I would say that was the best decision. This is because at that time the sea is clear and clean. Also for children and non-swimmer I would recommend this beach since it is shallow and easily accessible.
very good!!!
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