Lipauska Beach


Lipauska Beach is a pebble beach, located some two kilometers from the center of Bibinje. The sea here is extremely clean, and the seabed is covered with sand. The beach is suitable for all ages, and the youngest will especially enjoy the children's playground. There is enough space in the natural shade, and you can refresh yourself in the beach bar. Along the beach remains of a Roman villa with a swimming pool and heating system were found.

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public beach



Place Location

Lipauska ul., 23205, Bibinje


(4 reviews)
For our men’s day out we chose Lipauska beach. Well, the place had a marvelous view and cozy beach bars with the terraces near the sea. Under the pine trees were lots of green grass to lay ourselves and relax.
My family and I enjoyed a trip to Lipauska beach. This place is family friendly since it has a children's playground and a good natural shade and the beach bar nearby. The water on this sea is so clean and I was amazed by how people cleaned up after themselves. How could I forget the swimming pool near the remains of a Roman villa, it was hands down very refreshing and calming. It also had a heating system.Nothing short of greatness found here.
center of Bibinje has this beach called Lipauska which is located only 2 km away. Majority of the time place is parked with family members and group of friend. The beach is a bustle of activities from people of all ages young and old.
very good!!!
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