Krknjasi Beach


Krknjasi Beach is a pebble beach on the island of Drvenik Veli, and is also known as Plava Laguna (Blue Lagoon). It is located right in front of the islands of Krknjash Mali and Krknjash Veli. It is the most popular beach on the island and is especially popular among boaters. Along the beach is a dense forest, which provides more than enough natural shade during the summer months. Catering facilities on the beach offer really high quality and varied food and drinks.

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public beach

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Krknjaši 49, 21225, Veliki Drvenik


(24 reviews)
Very Nicesssssssss
This is now my favorite beach in Croatia. This beach has a crystal clear shallow sea that creates a unique tropical paradise. While we were there, we tried the popular Dalmatian restaurant, “The Communists” which serves great traditional Dalmatian fare and wonderful seafood.
We were here with my friends, we enjoyed the exquisite boat ride cruise. We were able to explore the magic scenic beauty of the beach through the boat ride. A must visit for boaters.
This place provided an escape from the noise and contamination of the city life. It is an ideal place to come and offload after months of being busy. A serene environment, clear beaches, surrounded by blue waters and sandy beaches. I enjoyed my therapeutic time here
The catering facilities offered at the beach were of top quality and the foods were in a variety. I especially loved the sea food which was fresh and cooked to perfection. The waiters helped us choose the right drinks to accompany our meals.
Summer visit to the beach was the best thing to do and we enjoyed a walk in the mornings on the pebble beach. Lots of activities to do as we went boat riding and the forest gave the good shadow that was exciting. Spectacular beach bars and restaurants at the beach that offered delicious meals and awesome drinks.
My family and i were here for our vacation. It was a unique experience engaging in water activities such as boat riding and swimming. In the afternoon we enjoyed sunbathing as we tasted delicious foods served by the friendly staff. The hotels were very clean and organized making our nights very comfortable in here. It's worth a visit
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