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Koshljun is a small island lying in the bay of Puntarska draga. According to legend, once the whole Puntarska draga was a field cultivated by two brothers, one of whom was blind. And although the brothers cultivated the land together, during the harvest the healthy brother deceived his blind brother .
This provoked God's wrath, so God flooded the field with the sea, and preserved only the house of the blind brother with the surrounding property. According to the legend, this house and the surrounding property are today's island of Koshljun. Today, Koshljun can only be reached by boat, and the island is best known for the Franciscan monastery. In addition to the monastery on the island there is a museum, two churches and three chapels. If you are a lover of history, culture and natural beauty, be sure to visit this green island where you will be able to enjoy peaceful walks, meditation and exploration.

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