Golden Horn Beach


Zlatni rat beach (Zlatni rog or Zlatni rt) is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, and thanks to its special shape it is also one of the most prominent beaches in the world. Many world-famous business and travel magazines such as the New York Times, National Geographic and Insider Travel have cited it many times in their articles as one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. The elegance and attractiveness of the Golden War made it a symbol of the city of Bol and Croatia, and the Croatian Government protects it as a geomorphological monument. But it’s not just its shape that makes it so beautiful and unique. It is surrounded by crystal clear sea that reaches from 10 to 20 meters from turquoise blue to dark blue, and is bordered by decades-old pine trees, planted by locals to create natural shade.

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Put Zlatnog Rata, 21420, Bol


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My friends and I decided to take a stroll through the beautiful promenade at the centre of Bol to head to this beautiful beach. If you love adventure or history in this unique beach you will find remains of a Roman piscina – a monument-water tank approximately 1800 years old. Be sure to look for the Lucky stone to enjoy eternal happiness so they say.
It was cool to walk along the beach during the evening as we enjoyed the cool breeze from sea which was refreshing. We sunbathed under the pine forest trees in the beach which gave us a shade. An oasis of peace and tranquility.
I was fascinated by the horn shape of the beach which was an eye catcher.I loved to watch the sun rays dazzle on the turquoise blue water of the sea. A beautiful place to spend an evening.
Awesome experience at the uniquely shaped pebble beach when we visited the beach for our holiday. The shade from the pine trees were superb and the views of the turquoise sea was dazzling. Unforgettable moments with my friends at the beach that had many people when we visited during the summer.
The beach was recommended by a friend who knew I would be visiting Croatia. The landscape was quite amazing and I really enjoyed watching and swimming in the clear sea waters. The people of island of Brac are quite friendly and they made me feel at home. This is an experience I wouldn't mind reliving!
very good!!!
The beach that we went on a vacation to had a beautiful unique shape. We enjoyed the amazing views of the turquoise waters of the sea and the gorgeous landscape. We were fascinated by the lovely pictures we took on the wonderful beach and went swimming on warm temperature afternoons. Therapeutic moments as i went on an evening walk on the long pebble beach and loved the sunset views and the awesome wind blowing my hair. Fantastic shed from the pine trees as we enjoyed the refreshing moments while relaxing on the beach. We also enjoyed sunbathing and surfing.
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