Fortress Fortica


This beautiful fortress dating from the 16th century offers a beautiful panoramic view of the entire island of Hvar and the Paklinski islands which you will enjoy. Not only is it one of the nicer places to visit but also coming to it is a great experience. If you head north from the main square you will pass through the main city gate Porta di Datallo you will come across stairs that, surrounded by aromas of Mediterranean herbs, lead all the way to the top of Fortica - or as the locals call it, Shpanjole.

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City of Hvar

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Ul. Higijeničkog Društva 19, 21450, Hvar


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very good!!!
Great views of the old town and we had an walk and some exercises on the stairs up and down with nice cafe at the top that we enjoyed a drink from. We had some amazing pictures taken of the place too.
I loved the panoramic view I got from this location . the golden glow that emanated from this location at night was breathtaking. I loved my experience
I really enjoyed touring this fortress. Located on a hill, ths fortress lights up really well at night. The view from up the hill is spectacular. This medieval castle is a pleasant historical site. It has a rich historical collection in terms of remnants and artifacts. Perfect place to learn more about the history of the surrounding community.
Wonderful place and worth the visit for our vacation with my girlfriend. We enjoyed the breathtaking views of the village and the blue sea. The fortress seats uphill and has the unique feature that makes it attractive to people. We also had drinks and refreshments at a cafe and also had meals at the restaurant that was delicious and a vast menu of dishes to pick from. Interesting history that the fortress holds that we had the chance to learn. We also went for a stroll around the fortress and i wouldn't agree for less of the magical moments.
The unique trees surrounding the fortress are worthwhile. It has improved the nature and beauty of the place.Magical.
It gives a great view of the ocean and islands on it, and also the town below. Well lit town view in the night. The cafe was amazing. I will definitely be back in the summer
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