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It is located east of Novalja, on the site of a former Roman city which, according to legend, was destroyed and submerged during the earthquake, and whose remains can be found near the beach and on the seabed. Access to the sea is mostly sandy. The seabed descends very steeply, which makes the beach extremely deep. On the beach there are recreational facilities and catering.

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Unnamed Road,Caska, 53291, Novalja


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There are recreational facilities and catering services offered here. You get to play sports and enjoy various delicacies. Also, there is a hidden gem at the seabed, A former romanian city submerged in the water after an earthquake, eons ago. The beach descends steeply into the water, so naturally it is deep. This place is not so crowded and so it's ideal for vacation.
Went volleyball playing with my friends and other visitors at the sandy beach and it was entertaining. Lots of other activities to do and we also visited the restaurant and beach bar at the beach and it was totally worth it. Tasty meals freshly prepared as well as nice cold drinks for the occasion. Unforgettable moments with my friends and family.
The sea is always thinking about us; the rolling water waves were very beautiful and i loved how so many people were surfing with the waves.Taking a walk along the sandy beach as i soaked the beauty of the ocean every evening was my happy place. The sea is really beautiful.
My family and i had the opportunity to visit the beach and we enjoyed the amazing activities that the children had. The sandy beach had a lot in store with services and amenities such as toilets were available. The cafes were great to grab something delicious and the beach was a little bit crowded with people swimming. We carried umbrellas as there are no shed available at the beach.
The beach is extremely deep since the seabed descends very steeply. Near the beach the remains of a Roman city that was submerged and we found the remains near the beach and on the seabed. It was good experiencing history firsthand.
The fact that the sea is deep was a perfect spot for me. I was lucky to learn and see how Deep sea adventure is done; it wasn't just knowledgeable but also fun and adventurous. I would love to try it one day.
This is the ideal place to vacation with everyone in the family, including children. The beautiful sandy-pebble beach has shallow and warm waters which make it safe for children to swim in.There are cafes and public toilets and even a pizzeria so obviously it is usually crowded. It doesn't have a natural shade(trees) but that's ok thanks to sunscreen and parasols. Fun fact, the beach sits on an ancient Roman City that was submerged a long time ago and divers would really enjoy checking out what lies beneath the sea.
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