Brijesta Beach


Brijesta Beach is located in the eponymous place on the Peljesac peninsula, not far from the camp. The beach is very popular among locals and tourists because it is located on the promenade in the center. It is pebbly with some stone parts where you can sunbathe. The entrance to the sea is shallow, gentle, and the seabed is covered with smaller stones. There are no additional facilities on the beach (except toilets and changing cabins) or facilities, but due to its convenient location you will find everything nearby - from cafes, restaurants with delicious food and shops. Also, be sure to bring proper sun protection, as there is no natural shade on the beach itself.

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I went surfing on these beautiful waters and the experience was one that was engraved for a lifetime. I enjoyed the sound and feeling of the crashing waves and the cool breeze that swept through my skin. It was one best-spent vacations of my life.
I visited the place in August with my dad for our bonding trip and the place was amazing. It was amazing and the sunsets were spectacular. The best time was in the mornings when we had our fishing moments at the beachs' fishing port.
A wonderful place to visit especially if you went to camp nearby like me, this pebble beach with some stone parts that make it ideal for sunathing is a wonderful place to visit. You can even take a swim and just relax all day, however there are no additional facilities on the beach but they are available in the nearby center. Carry some sun protection.
very good!!!
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