Bilave Beach


Bilave Beach is located near the center of Betina, but due to its position the beach offers a view of picturesque view of the town with the baroque bell tower of St. Francis of Assisi. The coast is pebbly-rocky. There are very few trees, so it is wise to take an umbrella or some other type of sun protection with you. There is a restaurant and a children’s playground nearby. The beach can be reached on foot, by bike or by car

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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

Dolac 9, 22244, Betina


(4 reviews)
This pebbly-rocky beach was a great destination choice. A place you can visit when you need to relax on the beach.Unfortunately ,it only has a few trees and therefore ,there's little shade against the hot summer sun. Evenso,the view of the town counters the lack of shade. The beach restaurants offer refreshments.Perfect for families. Ps. Carry sunscreen and an umbrella.
I loved this pebbly-rocky beach, a place to visit when you just want to relax on the beach, it however, has few trees and hence little shade against the hot summer sun. This is made up for by the picturesque view of the town. The beach offers refreshments from the restaurants and is ideal for families. Remember to carry sunscreen and an umbrella, still a good place to escape the city life and relax
The beach was a spectacular visit it was full of pebbles and rocks, it had a public parking for outside tourists, restaurants and a children playground nearby. There is also a belltower which gives an amazing view of the town, i Loved it
very good!!!
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