Bellevue Beach


Bellevue Beach is about 250 meters long and is mostly a stone beach. It is located in the Blue Resort, and you can reach it if you walk along the landscaped paths through the woods or along the coast.

It is recognizable by specially arranged entrances to the sea, so it is suitable for children and the elderly. In addition, it contains first aid equipment, a rescue service that works daily from 8 am to 5 pm so you can safely swim and enjoy.

There are showers and changing cabins along the entire beach. In addition to sports and recreational recreation and activities, find refreshment and relax in the nearby restaurants and bars.

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The beach is mainly covered in stone and is located near the Blue resort, I loved taking walks in the woods and along the coastline while enjoying the view of the landscape. It suits people of all ages and is well equipped to uphold the safety and comfort of guests. There are showers and changing cabins along the beach to counter the high demand by visitors .Refreshments , recreational and sports activities are offered.I'm definitely going to visit again.
very good!!!
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