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Zal Beach is located in the tourist attraction Promajna, halfway between Baska Voda and Makarska. It is very affordable and in a great location. The beach is very long and wide, semicircular in shape and completely covered with small white pebbles, and the seabed as well. The entrance to the sea is very gentle, shallow and suitable for all ages, so it is very popular with both locals and tourists. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring everything you need. Above the beach is a promenade and a small tree-lined avenue that provides gentle shelter from the sun. Near the beach you will find a restaurant with delicious food. Also, there is no shortage of coffee bars, so you can find refreshment on one of the attractive terraces. The town center is also close if you decide to get to know and see Promajna.

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Sunbathing in this beautiful was amazing. I enjoyed laying on the beach and enjoying the cool breeze from the sea as the kids played around with others. It was relaxing and I will visit again soon.
This beach is all about modern world. The sports activities here are fun! My cousins and I ended up challenging each other in tennis and swimming. The water was also warm and clean.
I decided to check if i could really focus and maintain my balance on a stand-up board ride through the sea and the numerous times i fell into the sea was fun and hilarious. My friends joined in and how time flew i do not know. Spent my two days practising and now Stand up boarding is my new hobby.
very good!!!
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