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Tuna beach is located in Rogoznica, more precisely in Lokve on the Omis Riviera. The beach is very popular, both among locals and tourists primarily because of its appearance, but also the location (the beach is easily accessible by car or on foot from the center). Namely, the beach is made of smaller stones mixed with brown pebbles. The entrance to the sea is shallow, mild and suitable for all ages. You will also find some larger stone blocks in the sea, but this will not make it difficult for you to swim or move. There is no natural shade on the beach, so be sure to bring proper sun protection. Also, there are no additional facilities or facilities (except toilets and changing cabins) so be sure to bring everything you need with you. Near the beach there is a small cafe where you can find refreshments, and at every step you will find apartments and accommodation units.

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Phoebe had a great time playing in the shallow waters in this location. She was able to build castles and bury her brother in the sand. I enjoyed basking in the sun as I listened to my favorite music
This beach is made up of a mixture of smaller stones and brown pebbles, the sea hear has a shallow entrance and gentle ideal for swimming. There is an absence of natural shade here so you need to carry sunscreen, there are changing cabins and toiltes. There is a small cafe near the beach that provide refreshment.
Near the beach there are beautiful promenade with cafes, restaurants where you can find refreshments. If you love hiking the town has a perfect site best for hiking called Lokvarka Cave which is a true gem! It's quite cold there, so take a jacket with you and be ready for quite the hike.
very good!!!
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