Archaeological site Cickini


North east of Malinska, off the road leading to Omišalj, in the dense woods of the are, lie the remains of a settlement dated back to the early Christina era.

The archaeological research on this site began in 2002 and has since uncovered a church complex consisting of church remains, dated back to the 5th century, and the remains of residential buildings.

The church seems to have been a single-nave building with a semi-circular apse, several side rooms and a baptistery. The residential complex contained a kitchen, a dining room and storage rooms. It is presumed the complex burned down in a fire sometime at the beginning of the 7th century. The church seems to have remained in function until the late 8th century when the area was abandoned.

A lot of the artefacts found on this site are on exhibit in the archaeological collection Cickini in the village Sv. Vid - Miholjice, and can be viewed daily.

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