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Zuvela fish farm


Zuvela family company founded in 1992 on the island of Hvar. From the very beginning, the main activity of the company is the purchase and sale - export of fresh white fish. Shortly afterwards, they started the process of confectioning and processing of Adriatic fish and seafood based in Stolac in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, where there is a plant for processing and production of blue fish, mainly sardines and anchovies in all forms (salting, marinating and freezing). The offer includes daily fresh blue and white fish, shellfish, crabs, frozen assortment and delicacies such as cuttlefish ink, smoked tuna, salted anchovies and sardines, marinated shrimp and smoked salmon.


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Food Type

Oysters and shells


Island of Hvar

Food Location

Ul. uvala Vira, 21450 Hvar


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This fish farm is a must visit. One could start by touring the plant and seeing how the fish are processed for export purposes. Its main delicacy is mainly fish and seafood . They have a wide variety to choose from, as the breed different types of fish including sardines
I bought some canned fish from this place and it was really good. I liked it that they are very hygienic.
I really loved how the sardines were prepared. I would definitely visit this place again and ask for the recipe
very good!!!
There are different types of fish in this place. They are processed for export. I loved how they were original recipes. They are prepared with utmost caution and originality. It was quite unique.
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