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Zampera Cheese Factory


Zampera Cheese Factory is located within the Zampera family farm on Dugi otok. They produce goat cheeses Zmanski and Golija. Cheese Zmanski is a semi-hard cheese made from raw goat's milk according to a traditional recipe, and the ripening process takes a minimum of 100 days. Cheese Golija is made from boiled milk and is packed as young goat cheese. In addition to cheese, the Zampera family also produces olive oil, fresh milk and organic vegetables. Their products carry certificates confirming natural cultivation and production. On the property, you can taste and buy products, and there is also the option of Robinson Crusoe style tourism.

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Dugi Island

Food Location

Žman, 23282 HR Dugi Otok


(26 reviews)
very good!!!
The olive oil prepared in this location is done under bio-effective conditions whereby the environment is given first priority. I enjoyed learning the process of production.
A tour at the place could not end without getting some cheese products. We bought some products from the store at the place and had a taste of the cheese later after getting out of the place.
I really enjoyed tasting cheese Golijs. It was very delicious. The staff were very hospitable and friendly. I bought some of the cheese.
We took the trip to the farm with my friends and had an excellent experience. The farm produces the best olive oil due to ton its organic nature. We bought some olive oil and made an agreement with the management for it to be delivered to our home. We loved it.
Golija is prepared from boiled goat milk and served as young goat cheese. The Zampera family have easy-to-follow recipes that really aided the learning process.
We had the opportunity of witnessing the different goats and animals that are present at the factory that produce milk and learned the process of getting the cheese from the product. The place was fun and we enjoyed ourselves.