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Vizzulin Winery


Vizzulin Winery is a family winery in Drnis. The Reljic Vizzulin family has a long history of growing vines and producing wine. The modern period began in 2010 with the planting of a new vineyard at the Mijovic site. Thanks to good soil, ideal altitude, a combination of Mediterranean and Continental climate and the addition of modern technology, Vizzulin wines are recognized by both experts and wine lovers. The vineyards are planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Posip and Marastina. They are the pioneers of planting Posip in this area and they are very proud of it.
The tasting room is located in a stone house in the vineyards. It can accommodate about forty people. Apart from wine, in the tasting room you can also enjoy the autochthonous specialties of this region: prosciutto, cheese, olive oil...

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1. Odvojak Ivana Meštrovića 1, 22320, Drniš


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