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Suha punta winery is located in Primosten. The Gracin family winery was founded in 2000 by Leo Gracin and his father Ante. After their partners Ivan Ratkovic and Lado Skorin joined them, in 2006 Suha punta was founded. In the same year, their first Babic came on the market and was rated as one of the best Croatian red wines. Leo Gracin is a highly respected oenologist, and he is also employed at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zagreb. With his partners in Suha punta, he managed to show that the Babic variety can reach the level of quality of the most prestigious varieties.

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It was a pleasant experience to learn of the rich history of the winery especially that it was founded in 2006 after Leo Gracin joined hands with their partners. The most thrilling information was that the winery got rated as one of the best Croatian Red wines after their first year in the market. Isn't amazing?
very good!!!
I enjoyed tasting their Babic wine. It is very famous. Their tasting room had some kind of a traditional setup
This winery has a very cool atmosphere and produces good red Croatian wines. The technology used here is also impressive.
Their vineyard was a magical. It was well pruned and well taken care of. Their winery is just on another level. The staff were hospitable. Their Babic red wine was very sweet
I enjoyed tasting the delicious wine with all the relevant tones, a taste of black cherry, caramel and a smell of dark chocolate red fruits.It is one of the best wines i drank while travelling Croatia. It tasted like cherries and had a long persistent finish.
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