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Prosciutto Farm Brkic


Prosciutto Farm Brkic is located in Lozovac, in the hinterland of Sibenik. It is engaged in the processing and drying of Dalmatian prosciutto and other cured meat products. Prosciutto is prepared traditionally: with sea salt, Bura wind, and smoke. No flavor enhancers or artificial colors are used in the production. Prosciutto Brkic won a gold medal at the International Prosciutto Fair in Tinjan in 20217.


Lozovac, Krka

Food Location

Gligići Brkići 84, 22221, Lozovac


(17 reviews)
The farm is mainly made of meat and meat products that we had the chance of tasting. The place is awesome and the processing of the meat is a bliss to watch and learn about.
This place is located in Lozovac. The process and dry Prosciutto. Their prosciuttos are prepared traditionally with no additives
very good!!!
We were served pieces of the meat with some salad and the taste was mind blowing. The experience at the place was unique and i enjoyed myself to the fullest.
It was an awesome afternoon spending quality time in the farm, the tour to the farm opened my eyes to use of organic products. During production, no flavors nor artificial colors are added to the Prosciutto. Excellent service from the knowledgeable host.
Last weekend, my father took me to this place, and I was impressed. The tradition and culture of the Croatian people can be seen through their products. The staffs were also pleasing. They were happy to serve us.
It was a wonderful experience to learn how the Prosciutto is prepared traditionally. The guide was generous enough to feed us with the information of the traditional ingredients that prepare prosciutto, which are sea salt, Bura wind and smoke. It was a great learning experience.