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Marcanela Seafood farm


Marcanela is a specialized store, ie shellfish farm located in the Istrian town of Tar. Here you can (with certainty of top quality and freshness) taste and buy fresh shellfish, fish products and fresh fish and other seafood. All products and food are fresh daily, locally caught directly from the depths of the Adriatic Sea. From shellfish, don't miss the fresh scallops and delicious oysters that go well with a few drops of lemon and a little Istrian olive oil. Small blue and white fish in marinades, such as salted anchovies, are also available. We recommend that you taste them on toasted dark bread with a few drops of olive oil and top Istrian wine. Marcanela is an unavoidable place for all seafood lovers and gourmets.


№1 in 1 Oysters and shells from Vabriga
№758 in 1804 Oysters and shells from Croatia

Food Type

Oysters and shells



Food Location

Ul. Istarske Kontrade 34, 52465, Vabriga


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very good!!!